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  • Monster Girl Quest 3D
    Monster Girl Quest

    It's kill or be pleasured to death in this erotic 3D RPG based on the popular underground eroge, Monster Girl Quest. With tons of new towns, monsters, and features over the original, you'll want to give this a try. Must be over 18! Read more
  • Hero
    In a world divided between humans and monster girls, a young Hero leaves home on a journey to slay the evil monster lord, only to learn that the world isn't always as black and white as he once thought... Read more
  • Origin
    Production Paused
    When Earth is under attack from an alien race of machines, one man must learn the truth about the secret origins of mankind and forge alliances with alien races to fight the enemy together.





Kicktarter Rewards:

Miss out on the Kickstarter fun?  No problem!  You can still support Hero and Monster Girl Quest, and get in on those awesome rewards from the Kickstarter Campaign, and beta testing and early access to the games and demos!!


*Note: As the game nears completion you will be given the choice of which version you would like.

Note: Must be legally old enough to view adult content and not be offended by adult content to purchase any games in the Monster Girl Quest 3D series.
Pledge Level
T-Shirt (Collectors Edition Only)
Size (Collecotrs Edition Only)


Hero / Monster Girl Quest 3D:

Pledge $20 or more
Your very own digital download copy of Hero complete with a digital copy of the instruction booklet.



Pledge $30 or more
The Digital Deluxe edition, complete with a digital download copy of the game, soundtrack, instruction booklet, and the Hero Player's Guide
Pledge $150 or more ($170 for Outside USA)
The Hero Kickstarter Exclusive Collector's Edition! Available ONLY to Kickstarter backers, this package comes complete with a physical copy of Hero, with instruction booklet, a soft cover copy of the Hero Player's Guide, a physical copy of the Hero Soundtrack, a T-Shirt printed in your choice of Alice or one the Four Heavenly Knights, and a personal thank you letter, all wrapped up in a limited edition autographed box. Plus you also get your name in the credits and a non-playable character (NPC) in the game created to resemble you.
Pledge $50 or more
The Digital Collector's edition, complete with a digital download copy of the game, soundtrack, instruction booklet, the Hero Player's Guide, a special thank you in the credits, and an NPC made to your liking in the game.


Due to various reasons, primarily dealing with the ESRB ratings board, Hero and Monster Girl Quest 3D will from here on only be offered as a digital download with the exception of the Kickstarter Collector's Edition. There is also no longer an option to choose between the two versions because Monster Girl Quest 3D will contain both versions, while Hero will be released soon after MGQ3D to sales platforms such as Steam and will simply have the adult content stripped from it to conform to ESRB regulations.




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