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  • Monster Girl Quest 3D
    Monster Girl Quest

    It's kill or be pleasured to death in this erotic 3D RPG based on the popular underground eroge, Monster Girl Quest. With tons of new towns, monsters, and features over the original, you'll want to give this a try. Must be over 18! Read more
  • Hero
    In a world divided between humans and monster girls, a young Hero leaves home on a journey to slay the evil monster lord, only to learn that the world isn't always as black and white as he once thought... Read more
  • Origin
    Production Paused
    When Earth is under attack from an alien race of machines, one man must learn the truth about the secret origins of mankind and forge alliances with alien races to fight the enemy together.

Monster Girl Quest 3D is the true-to-the-source adult version of Hero, a 3D RPG based on Monster Girl Quest with permission from Torotoro Resistance.
The world of Monster Girl Quest 3D is…different to ours. The world there is home to two races – humans, and monster girls where the monster girls rape the humans, creating a divided society in which heroes kill the monster girls under the guidance of their goddess, Ilias. Our hero (the player) is a young boy named Luka, who seeks to become the greatest hero and kill the Monster Lord, who is supposedly ordering all these attacks on humans. Along the way he is accompanied by the strange monster girl, Alice, who seems to be hiding more than she lets on. While Luka goes around looking for aid from four of the elemental spirits, he finds out that the Monster Lord is in fact his travelling companion, Alice. He further learns that she didn’t order any attacks, and in fact most of the monster girls grew accustomed to attacking humans because it became the norm that humans would kill them if they didn’t.
Luka starts to realize that humanity’s fanatical, religious worship of Ilias is a complete sham, since many of Ilias’ statements about monsters contradict each other, as if she had a deeper motive herself.
Now it is up to Luka and Alice to show the world how everyone can live together peacefully, in a world so divided by prejudice that nobody wants to listen.
With dozens of different races of monster girls, a free roam 3D environment, stunning 3D graphics, and intense turn based battles linked with real time 3D gameplay, Hero will draw you in and keep your attention. Combine that with the ability to choose the path the game follows by making choices through the game, leading to multiple endings and story twists, and you can play the game over and over without getting bored.
Monster Girl Quest 3D changes the world of 3D adult videogames, giving you more than a simple "choose a female, a male, a room, and get to business" type experience.  Instead, you embark on a grand adventure, getting raped by attractive monster girls every time you lose a fight, and building relationships with characters.
What's different?
So what's new from the original Monster Girl Quest series?  Well first off, the obvious 3D graphics with 3D freeroam environments.  There's also some interesting new optional features and minigames (keep in mind I said OPTIONAL, if you don't use any of the new features, the story will remain unchanged).  First of all, you can now change the story as you go by making different choices, and even pursue relationships with other key characters aside from Alice, such as Tamamo, Alma Elma, Granberia, and even Erubetie.  Secondly, if you surrender in a battle, it launches a minigame where you can take control of Luka in real time in a sexual battle to try to make the monster girl orgasm first, and if you are successful you can go back to the battle and have a serious advantage as the monster girl will be disoriented.  There will even be "self defense" shops where you can purchase items to help you with this.  But make no mistake, it won't be an easy way to get out of combat, it will be a challenge.  Thirdly, there might be added support for interactive devices, such as VStroker and RealTouch, contingent upon the developers of such devices.  Fourth, the combat is a mix of real time enemies and turn based fights, and the turn based fights now have a stamina system as well as an enhanced AI to make it more of a challenge.  Other than those additions, things are going to be pretty much the same.
Any questions or feedback, feel free to sign up on the forums or use the contact us link to send us your feedback!  We take fan feedback very seriously and read all of it.

The soundtrack is being comprised of music from the original MGQ games, as well as new music created by the same artists who created the tracks used in MGQ, and music from a few other sources, including Japan / UK techno duo, Intelligentsia.



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